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Perfect gym companion - Sarah S.

I picked up this bottle as a dedicated container for my pre-workout mix to take to the gym. The bottle keeps the pre-workout cool for a couple hours, which is all I need.


Hands down my favorite water bottle - Sharon D.

Great texture and doesn't easily slip out of my hand. No scratches so far after a couple of months of use. Love the cap and lanyard on top.


Does its job perfectly - Caleigh M.

I forgot it in my car on a cold, cloudy day. When I came back to it after 3 hours, the tea inside was still as hot as it was when I first made it. Plus, the outside exterior never gets hot.


Fits perfectly in the cupholder - Julie H.

The lid fits snugly and doesn't leak like some others we have. Everything goes in the dishwasher and comes out fine. It also fits the cupholders in the car, so that's a bonus.


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