SANTECEO is a combination of the French words

Santé (health) ” and “écologique (environmental protection) ” .

These two words express the value of the brand. 


SANTECO was founded in 2013 by an international team from Europe, Asia, and the USA. By placing emphasis on design aesthetics, we subvert traditional design and manufacturing. Our bottles’ body curve line, functionality, and practicality embrace both lifestyle and fashion.

SANTECO promotes a green and low-carbon lifestyle. We aim to eliminate disposable bottles and become a pioneer in environmental protection. This shall be an epoch-making innovation in the history of bottles!


Pure and persistent beauty are the key words of SANTECO
SANTECO advocates a free, simple, yet refined lifestyle

What was the motivation for creating SANTECO?

SANTECO was created to combat over-consumption as well as other bad practices which have led to the creation of "The Eighth Continent" consisting of garbage.

What is the uniqueness of SANTECO?

We believe that we should not only focus on form and fashion, but also on the function of the product. We must design and innovate around the user whilst keeping their future needs in mind. Our innovative designs follow the philosophy of “form follows function” , instead of being different for the sake of being different.

How have you embodied this idea in your designs?

Together with the team, we deliberate over and over again, attempting to adhere to our principle of achieving more with less.
The application of ergonomics down to even the most minute details of the product helps to achieve a perfect combination of form and function. In short, pure and persistent beauty are the key words of SANTECO.

What is the charm of SANTECO?

SANTECO advocates a free, simple, yet refined lifestyle.


Change people's drinking habits, eliminate disposable cups and plastic bottles. Become a pioneer of environmental protection.